By Dehesa

The Patanegra of Bellota

A trip to the land
of a thousand and one flavors

Fascinated by la dehesa, a premium territory, enclosed within the mountain ranges of south- west Spain, the artisans have been perpetuating an exceptional know-how for generations. The noble Patanegra of Bellota counts among these treasures.

Inspired by the harmonious coexistence between the man and the nature, the house By DEHESA invites you to discover the many distinct flavors of this land of passion.

Anchovies from Cantabria

Haute Cuisine
Made in Spain

Our high fashion is one of the handicraft excellence, steeped in tradition and immortalized by passionate craftsmen whose know-how redefines culinary art.

Dedicated to the international gastronomy since 2010, the house By DEHESA creates tailor-made products for master chefs to promote high agricultural craftsmanship with a contemporary approach. Textured and complex, the creations By DEHESA show up in our palate as in the real museums of great artists.

Sashimi Japanese sardine smoke

Passing on
a heritage

In sync with the latest food trends, the house promises to value the nobility of craftsmanship, through its “high-quality” products. That’s why, they are writing a new chapter in their history: Revealing their unique collections to a wider public of demanding and responsible gourmets.