By Dehesa

The Excellence


The project

The 3 principal aims of By DEHESA are as follow:

Promoting Craft excellence, culinary creation and transmission of the culinary heritage.

By supporting the small producers developing the highest standards of breeding and manufacturing of Spain, By DEHESA makes a commitment to promote high quality iberian craftsmanship with a spark of creativity and a touch of avant-gardism.   

Armed with its tailor-made work for master chefs, By DEHESA indeed transforms its local products into museums of great artists. 

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Beyond the brand, By DEHESA wishes to be more like a signature, which is committed to :

- Natural: we advocate a respectful integrated farming for the well-being of the animal and the biodiversity , highlighted by the certificates of traceability of our sectors , purebred certificates of authenticity and controlled labels of origin (DOP , PGI ) and external sanitary audits (Animal Welfare Charter). Natural reflects a harmony between the nature and the man whom we defend.

- Craft: we seek to promote the ancestral know-how, which might be forgotten, and immortalized by families over several generations of producers. 

-  Slow: The making of our products can be a time-consuming process, allowing time for the nature and the people to balance the flavours harmoniously, reduce the refining of salts and concentrate the flavours. Slow is better for the health and so beautiful to behold…

-Arty : By participating in the culinary avant-garde along with the star chefs, we want to prove that the craft tradition offers both contemporary and timeless dimension. Our culinary creations are also ethical gestures.

- Militant : SlowFood® Spirit

The fight for small producers : Member of SlowFood® , we sought for many years to identify the best producers of Spain, committed to responsible farming. Besides, our collaboration is based on a long-term financial support and human intervention in the production process, to control the entire value chain and ensure transparency and quality to our customers. 

The fight for the consumers: Our approach finally claims to be educational and recreational. Through culinary creation and pedagogy, we are looking to urge consumers to regain healthy eating habits. Exposed for decades to the industrialization of the food- processing industry, the latter has blurred marks  and felt bullied. It is essential to reeducate them by making them rediscover the naturalness of products and the authenticity of the tastes.